Report on the combined general meeting

Bezons, December 16, 2015 – 7 am – RIBER, the global specialist for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), brought its shareholders together on December 15 for its combined annual general meeting.

During the meeting, chaired by Mr Dominique Pons, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the company’s shareholders:

1. Adopted various resolutions, including:

  • Approval of the corporate and consolidated accounts for the year ended December 31, 2014;
  • Appointment of a deputy statutory auditor;
  • Appointment of Mr Didier Cornardeau and Mr Gérard Nicoula as members of the Supervisory Board;
  • Authorization to trade in the Company’s shares.

2. Rejected various resolutions, including:

  • Renewal of the terms of office of the following Supervisory Board members: Mr Dominique Pons and Mr Max de Minden;
  • Authorization to reduce the capital by cancelling treasury stock;
  • Delegations of authority to decide to increase the capital;
  • Authorization to award bonus shares to be issued to members of staff and/or corporate officers;
  • Changes to the administration structure and adoption of a corporate governance structure based on a Board of Directors, with the corresponding resolutions no longer applicable.

In addition, the shareholders amended the Company’s articles of association in order to not grant double voting rights to shares, in accordance with the final paragraph of Article L.225-123 of the French commercial code.

Following the general meeting, the newly-formed Supervisory Board met and appointed Mr Didier Cornardeau as its Chairman.

The Supervisory Board also defined the composition of its committees. As a result, the Appointments and Compensation

Committee is now made up of Mrs Brigitte Dumont and Mr Didier Cornardeau, its Chairman. The Audit Committee is now made up of Mr Didier Cornardeau and Mr Gérard Nicou, its Chairman.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank all the shareholders who took part in this general meeting, which achieved a quorum of 72.98%.

Next dates:
2015 full-year revenues: January 28, 2016 after close of trading

Posted on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 07:00 am

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