EZ-CURVE® Real-time curvature measurement


Monitor your thin film deposition and vacuum treatment process in real-time with Riber Magnification Inferred Curvature (MIC) tool

Main benefits

  • In situ stress, bow and curvature measurement, in real time
  • Set precise growth patterns and monitor deviations
  • Detect specific growth events and retrieve fundamental knowledge about growth mechanisms
  • Suitable for various thin films deposition techniques (CVD, MBE, PVD,…) and vacuum treatment process (plasma etching, annealing, quenching …)
  • Unrivalled curvature sensitivity
  • Simultaneous spherical and cylindrical bowing, anisotropy measurement
  • Compatible with low lattice mismatch systems like AlGaAs/GaAs
  • Thick wafer compatible -up to few mm
  • Highly stable & alignment-free measurement
  • Wide-range wavelength source – immune to reflectivity change, no need to adjust exposure time
  • Immunity to wafer flatness – possible use with patterned wafer

Key features

Parameter Specifications
Curvature range (min – max) 0,0008 – 200 000 km-1
Sensitivity (1-std dev) Up to 8×10-7m-1
(5×5 matrix, 5s integration/ 500 points –θ= 70°)
Measured standard deviation 8.33×10-6m-1(θ= 0°) // 2.85×10-6m-1(θ= 70°)
Radius range (max – min) 1 250 000 -5×10-3m
Source lifetime 50 000 h
Measurement frequency 100 Hz
Rotation speed range 0-100 rpm
Viewport to sample distance Adjustable from 75 mm – depending on vacuum chamber dimensions
Flexible installation angle on the reactor 0 – 70°

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  • Curvature, Stress, Phase and Anisotropy measurement & display
  • Intuitive data acquisition
  • Powerful data saving functions
  • Real time mode up to 100 fps
  • Flexibility to share data with other software incl. Riber Crystal XE
  • Post-processing and data treatment
  • Remote modbus interface


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