MBE for quantum !

We are really happy that our Compact 21 platform has been selected to develop applications for the future of quantum computing !

A new European customer has ordered a Riber Compact 21 research system which will be used for the development of qbits for the next generation of quantum computers. The flexibility and versatility of Riber MBE allows various materials approach to be studied and optimized, to get the best final quantum devices. Ultra-pure UHV conditions offered by MBE reactors generate perfect interfaces and well-defined layers, which is paramount to obtain such quantum devices.

As well as demonstrating once again the commercial success of the Compact 21 product range, the world’s best-selling research MBE system, this new order highlights the Compact 21’s suitability with highest standards for research on III-V, II-VI, nitride & oxide materials.

More information below 👇

Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 - 14:10 pm

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