Order for a research MBE machine in Europe – Istituto Nanoscienze, Pisa, Italy

Istituto Nanoscienze, a research institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), has purchased a research machine, model Compact 21 DZ, including the brand new Riber EZ-CURVE®, a real-time curvature measurement system for advanced in-situ monitoring of vacuum thin-film deposition. This order will be installed at the NEST laboratory of Scuola Nomale Superiore in Pisa, Italy.

Professor Lucia Sorba, director of the Istituto Nanoscienze CNR, explains: “Our MBE activity will take place in the framework of the infrastructure Pas(c)qua dedicated to the development of a novel Quantum co-processor in Italy for the next generation of photonic devices. Our new Riber’s Compact 21 DZ system will be dedicated to the growth of terahertz quantum cascade laser (THz QCL) structures based on III-V semiconductor materials. Particularly noteworthy are the reliability and stability of the Compact 21 DZ, as well as the advanced real-time monitoring features embedded for the MBE growth control.”

With our modern and smart research MBE Compact 21 DZ system, Riber is committed to accelerate the pace of research by supporting our customers to over pass the challenges in the development of novel semiconductor technologies” concludes Philippe LEY, chairman of the executive board of Riber.

Riber’s Compact 21 range includes the most flexible and best-performance research MBE systems with designs configurable for traditional III-V compounds semiconductors, II-VI materials, nitrides, oxides and other new materials. The Compact 21 DZ system features the state-of-the art MBE technologies allowing the production of highly complex epitaxial layers with high quality.

About Istituto Nanoscienze CNR

Istituto Nanoscienze is a young research institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) devoted to frontier research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The institute research interest is focused on exploring nanostructures and nanodevices by applying fundamental research as well as emerging technologies to tackle important challenges faced by society. Istituto Nanoscienze research impact encompass several fields, such as Energy, Health, Information and Safety. Istituto Nanoscienze headquarter is located in Pisa within Nest laboratory.

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 16:23 pm

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