Heated insert cell for Ga & In – ABI


  • Large loading capacity from 85cc to 3000cc
  • Higher stability than any other effusion cell
  • Lowest growth defect density compared to any other effusion cell
  • Wafer growth uniformities improved by factor of up to 3
  • Reduced flux transient
  • Reusable insert


The Riber ABI effusion cell is designed to produce stable purity molecular beams.

The ABI cell relies on the concept of a cylindrical crucible with a self-heated beam-shaper insert on top. This unique design enables extended campaign durations – 4 times higher loading capacity than conventional conical crucibles and large ingot loading (reduced source material oxidation and increased material quality).

It is specifically adapted for the growth of epitaxial layers of medium vapor pressure materials.

ABI cells perform with a very high reproducibility, with excellent run-to-run stability and long-term flux stability – less than 1% variation over 40 h

ABI give improved epilayer quality compared to standard conical cell, with best in class uniformity – better than 1.5% – and low defects density. The flux transient is also reduced to less than 2%.

The insert has been carefully engineered to improve the flux stability over the load consumption, while maintaining excellent uniformities of thickness and composition. The design also enables to get the same evaporation surface over time. The insert is reusable.

It is heated on the conical section and on the lip in order to prevent condensation and droplet formation or cross contamination, thus reducing “oval defects” observed in GaAs growth with other technology.

Flexible operating conditions are obtained with independent temperature control of the insert filament.


Technical information

Cell characteristics ABI 85 ABI 500 ABI 1000
Source capacity 85 cc 500 cc 1000 cc
Mounting flange CF63 CF100 cc CF150
Temperature stability ± 0,5°C
Crucible shape Cylindrical
Crucible material PBN
Filament type Ta wire Ta flat filament
Heated insert PG resistive track encapsulated in PBN
Thermocouple type 2x C-type
Typical operating temperature 300 – 1250°C
Maximum outgassing temperature 1350°C
Power required for maximum temperature – filament* 500 W 1000 W 1600 W
Power required for maximum temperature – insert 300 W 300 W 1200 W
Power supply Two power supplies / Two temperature controllers

*For some versions and systems adaptations, water cooling may be necessary

Component interfacing

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