Refurbishment Service

All types of MBE equipment can be reconditioned : chambers, LN2 shrouds (main, pumping well, cells), manipulators, cells, shutter assemblies, shutter flanges etc.

RIBER - Refurbishment ServiceRIBER - Refurbishment Service


Riber refurbishment solutions can significantly extend lifetime and keep operational conditions of your equipment.
As reconditioning service can save 40-60% of the cost of new equipment, it provides a cost-effective alternative than the purchase of a new equipment.
Riber has successfully reconditioned equipment for over 35 years from all other the world. The skills and experience of the Riber Service team enable to ensure each item of a refurbished equipment will satisfy the original component individual specifications.

Our decontamination department is completely internal at Riber facility in Bezons, FRANCE.
Our facilities are designed to cover all MBE systems and components, from R&D to Production.
Decontamination team is trained to work with most hazardous materials from Mercury to Arsenic or Phosphorus.

This decontamination platform is organized with three isolated and independent areas. The first area is dedicated to large components such as MBE Growth Chamber or Cryopanel. It contains two large chemical tanks of 4,000 liters, plus another one for smaller parts such as R&D chambers or shrouds.
The second area is dedicated to small spare parts and components – shutters, effusion cells, …
The third area is isolated and specifically dedicated to work with components contaminated by red or white phosphorus.

All these three areas are equipped for complete mechanical & chemical cleaning operations.

For all decontaminated parts, Riber’s services include a standard chemical and mechanical cleaning plus a thermal baking followed by a re-assembling and test procedures. Riber’s internal procedures are based on decades of experience in surface treatment for UHV and MBE processes.

In addition to these zones, Riber also provides a cleaning  area for standard parts: stainless  steel, refractory metals and PBN  parts.

Refurbishment process

A quality refurbishment requires experience and compliance with UHV procedures. Our expertise allows us to offer ready-to-use package prices (N codes) for each type of refurbishment. Or these packages can be customized to fit your needs.
Riber may supply containers to ship your contaminated components to our facility : Cryopanel container, cell packaging, …


Once the equipment is shipped to our factory, parts are completely dismantled through our procedures. All are carefully inspected for damage or defects.
If the equipment has additional damage than can be repaired, Riber can also offer mechanical modification operation. As our machine shop is also located at our main facility, reparation while cleaning does not add much time to the operations.


All the parts are decontaminated and chemically cleaned. Chemical cleaning is a complex customized procedure performed by skilled chemists who will consider the type and the degree of pollution of the parts, the state of the part’s constituents,  etc…


Damaged parts listed are replaced or repaired and the equipment is reassembled.


The equipment is degassed and  leak tested under a vacuum to ensure functional performances.


As options, Riber can deliver and reinstall equipment at customer’s site.

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