Substrate Manipulators PSCT


  • Field-proven equipment for vertical geometry
  • Reliable and rugged design
  • Continuous rotation up to 40 rpm typical
  • Efficient shielding to prevent from material contamination
  • Will fit custom applications


Riber single & multi-wafers manipulators are one of the most important accessory for Molecular Beam Epitaxy.

The substrate manipulator allows for the positioning of a platen supporting one or more wafer(s). Depending on the PSCT model (adapted to the MBE system), it can accommodate platens with diameter from 50.8 mm to 500 mm.

All Riber manipulators are positioned on a vertical port and allows for continuous rotation up to 40 rpm (multi-wafers) or 60 rpm (single wafer for R&D equipment, smaller size), They perform uniform heating over the substrate up to 1000°C typically (WRe thermocouple). Other versions dedicated for specific applications and atmospheres may be adapted to different range of temperature – CrAl thermocouple for low temperature growth, high temperature graphite filament …

Pure, thoroughly degassed refractory materials are used at high temperatures to prevent particles generation.

Extensive testing and field use have demonstrated that they can be used at high speed at growth temperature for very long time without maintenance.

As manipulator heater is in stationary position with the wafer rotating beneath it, there is no rotation of any electrical connections.
Furthermore, heater thermocouple (one or two depending design and filament configuration) has no direct contact with the rotating parts, unless intentional such as thermocouple well for MCT application.

Tantalum shielding completely covers the mechanical and electrical parts.
All electrical connections are heavily shielded from flux deposition with an insulator.
These protection prevent any damage due to material deposition or electrical short-circuiting.

Rotation is performed by an electrically actuated stepper motor with a magnetic rotary drive.
It features a homing sensor to retrieve the exact transfer position.

Slow seeking is available to trig rotation position for RHEED diffraction of other optical sensoring techniques.

Platen positioning (on/off) is carried out by a pneumatic Z linear drive, which lift the complete oven + shields assembly, in order to get a maximum clearance for platen transfer.

The PSCT can incorporate an independent main shutter on its flange, completely protecting the platen from the flux during material calibration.
Flux gauge fits under the main shutter in closed position for flux measurement.


Technical information

Characteristics PSCT 3″ PSCT 4″ PSCT 6″ PSCT D350 PSCT D500
MBE system of choice Compact 21 CLS Compact 21 Series MBE412 MBE49 MBE6000
Substrate heater size* 3″ 4″ 6″ 242/270 mm 400 mm
Double filament oven No Yes
Platen size 3″ 4″ 126,2 mm 242/270 mm 400 mm
Mounting flange CF250 CF250 CF250 CF350 CF500
Typical rotation speed 0-40 RPM
up to 60 RPM
0-40 RPM
Max operation / outgassing temperature (heater dependent)* 800°C /1000°C
Main shutter available Yes

* Please consult substrate heater section for more details

For special configurations (temperature range, type of T/C, in contact or not, optical access, …), please consult Riber

Component interfacing

For dual filament oven, manipulator interfacing is adapted accordingly

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