Valved Source for Corrosive Materials – VCOR

Sb, Zn, Mg, Te, Se, S, CdTe, ZnTe, ZnSe,…


  • Performance, flexibility, reliability
  • Highly reproducible flux control
  • Large dynamic range & closed-to-open valve ratio
  • From 110 to 3000 cm3 real loading capacity (0,7 to 18 kg of antimony)
  • Full PBN reservoir and valve for highly corrosive and high vapor pressure materials
  • Simple charge loading (no valve dismantling)


The Riber valved source for corrosive materials, model VCOR, is a compact valved source dedicated for corrosive or high vapor pressure material evaporation. The 110 to 3000 cm3 loading capacity is fully exploited by the use of cylindrical charges; chunks or pellets can obviously also be used.

A valve mechanism allows rapid and accurate flux adjustments over more than a decade and shuts off the flux over more than 3 orders of magnitude by simply rotating the thimble.

Both the reservoir and tip filaments may be heated independently. This enables heating of the vapor outlet while avoiding any material clogging.

Reservoir and tip thermocouples are embedded within the oven assembly to allow loading without disconnecting feedthroughs. The loading operation only requires the replacement of a CF63 gasket; the reservoir can be unmounted and loaded with materials, when the valve part remains attached to the growth chamber.

The all-PBN valve avoids the use of Tantalum or other metals in the path of the process vapor. The outside body of the source is water cooled to reduce overheating. The valve is operated with an automated position controller enabling a highly reproducible flux control, intra-day and from day to day.

This controller is also equipped with a patented ProSafe® test for safe operation, enabling a perfectly adapted valve torque , ensuring leak tightness of the PBN valve while preserving the PBN surfaces from excessive stress.

VCOR design ensures an excellent mixed group V composition & uniformities for Sb applications, but also demonstrate very high capability for Mg doping or ZnSe laser facets passivation.

Thanks to its compact design, it can easily be adapted to a large range of MBE systems.


Technical information

Cell characteristics VCOR 110 VCOR 300 VCOR 3000
Filaments Two
Heating filaments Wire
Wire Thermocouple Double C-type
Crucible / valvematerial PBN / PBN
Useful capacity 110 cc (Ø20 x 350mm) 280 cc (Ø31 x 370mm) 2 950 cc (Ø95 x 417mm)
Mounting flange CF 40 (CF63 with water panel) CF 63 (CF100 with water panel) CF 150 (CF 200 with water panel)
Reservoir typical operating temperature 450 –550°C
Tip typical operating temperature 750-900°C
Temperature stability ±0.3°C ±0.1°C
Valve Characteristics
Open conductance 2 l/s 10 l/s 85 l/s
Open / close ratio >1000
Valve actuator Micrometer
Stem stroke 2 mm – 4 revolutions 2.5 mm – 5 revolutions 5.1 mm – 8 revolutions
Tip Characteristics
Max outgassing temperature 1000°C
Power consumption(Tip @1000°C) 280 W 200 W 880 W
Reservoir Characteristics
Loading port CF 63 CF 100 CF 200
Max outgassing temperature 750°C 750°C 1000°C
Power consumption (Reservoir @ 750°C) 500 W 450 W 2200 W
Water flow 0.3 l/min – 4 bars max 1.5 l/min – 4 bars max

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