Viewports shutters & RHEED screens


  • Protect viewports & RHEED screens from heat load & coating by evaporated materials – baffled version
  • Specific wide-angle shutters – no full coverage – to optimize available angle for optical instruments, block incident radiations and preserve central area from coating
  • Fit all standard viewport sizes
  • Maximum vacuum integrity and reliability


For all deposition applications, Riber supplies a range of flap-type viewport shutters with a linear movement, magnetically coupled actuator for  high  reliability. The shutters are mounted on double-sided flanges, which fit between the viewport and the chamber .


  • Strong magnetic coupling assured by using rare-earth magnets configured to provide maximum coupling strength. External magnets do not need be removed for bakeouts up to 250°C. For higher temperature bakeouts, the external magnet can simply be removed; magnets are not used inside the vacuum envelope.
  • Clear view – the flap type shutter provides a clear and unobstructed view into the UHV chamber.
  • The linear motion actuator flap-type design minimizes the number of moving parts – this, combined with a design that prevents seizing caused by deposited material, guarantees maximum reliability.
  • Locking screw enables the shutter to be locked into any position; closed, open or partially open.
  • Also exist in pneumatic versions: Pneumatic mechanism controlled by Crystal Xe software; Security to close automatically your shutter before your growth, avoid coating by mistake

2 versions are available

  • standard wide-angle version with highest unobstructed view inside the chamber, preferably used for viewports not facing any evaporation source, typically, optical instrumentation at the bottom of the chamber
  • Baffled version, for a tight closing, preventing any deposition onto the viewports exposed to evaporation sources (cells inspection viewports, transfer viewport,..)
RIBER - Viewports shutters & RHEED screensRIBER - Viewports shutters & RHEED screens

RHEED screen

The RHEED screen and shutter are mounted on the same double-sided flange assembly. This assembly is usually supplied with the phosphor coated lead glass screen and retaining clamp.
Both standard or gas baffle shutters are available to protect RHEED screens.

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