HT cell – High Temperature cell


  • Operating temperature range : from 500°C up to 2000°C
  • Ultra high vacuum design, clean and easy to use
  • Self supporting filament for clean operation
  • Low cost alternative solution compared to e-beam gun
  • Very large variety of crucibles and liners available


Riber High Temperature effusion cells provide clean operation under UHV environment at a temperature up to 2000°C.

This cell is designed for ease of use with low vapor pressure materials which usually require the use of an electron-gun for evaporation. The necessary temperatures for most vacuum thin film deposition operations can, in fact, be achieved readily through use of a robust resistively heated filament.

Because this filament is self supported it is also possible to remove insulating material from the hot zone and avoid the problems of contamination due to insulator outgassing during the operation.

Only refractory materials are used in the hot zone of the cell. The use of insulating ceramics is restricted to the cooler region of the source, preventing outgassing during operation.

Several types of crucibles and liners made of refractory metal and ceramic materials can be employed, according to the source material to be evaporated, and the desired application.

Models integrating a water cooling circuit surrounding the source as well as an integrated shutter are available.


RIBER - High Temperature Cells - layout

Technical information

Characteristics HT12 MHT 35
Filament Signle
Heating filaments W wire, no insulator support Ta wire
Crucible material Ta, PG, W, PBN,…
Useful capacity (max load dimensions) 12 cc 35 cc
Mounting flange (min) CF 40 (2″ 3/4)
Max outgassing temperature 2000°C 1700°C
Typical operating temperature 700-1800°C 500-1500°C
Max continuous temperature 1900°C 1550°C
Thermocouple C-Type
Temperature stability +/-0.2°C
Power consumption <1000 W <600 W
Options Water cooling / integrated shutter (CF63

Component interfacing

RIBER - High Temperature Cells - interfacing

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