• Zero length glass viewport – HVB type
  • For source inspection, transfer operation, optical instrumentation
  • From CF16 to CF 150
  • Lead disk for X-Rays protection available as an option

Technical information

Viewport type Flange type A : useful diameter (mm) C : Thickness (mm) α (°) Glass Thickness (mm)
HVB16 CF16 13 7,6 54 1
HVB35 CF35 38 13 80 3
HVB63 CF63 63 17,5 84 4
HVB100 CF100 90 19,8 114 5
HVB150 CF150 135 22 130 7

Lead glass disks options

Certain processes inside a vacuum system can generate X-Rays. These X-Rays are usually absorbed by the metal walls of the vessels but may be able to pass through a glass viewport. To protect against this hazard, we offer a range of leaded glass disks that fit into the recess on top of the viewport.

For safety reasons, we recommend that they are held in place in such a way that they cannot be removed unless the vacuum seal is broken. The lead glass disks are all 8 mm thick to accommodate a lead thickness of 1.5 mm for X-Ray sources up to 50kV.

Viewport to be equipped Leaded disk O.D Flange (mm) Leaded disk size (inch) Leaded Disk Thickness (mm)
HVB 35 / CF35 70 2,75 8
HVB63 / CF63 114 4,50 8
HVB100 / CF100 150 6,00 8

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